Media Training

For the past 13 years, I have run media training for a wide variety of clients including the Royal Mail. Many firms asked me to sign non-disclosure agreements so I can’t reveal their names. But I can say, in general terms, that clients have numbered, among others, global insurance firms, international IT firms, global healthcare firms, UK banks and lenders, and City-based PR consultancies.

I offer generic media training as well as specific training tailored to a client’s specific needs. For the bespoke training, the format depends on the client’s preferences and the size of the group. PowerPoint presentations are popular, as are mock interviews, including one-to-ones and mock press conferences.

Mock interviews and post-interview evaluations can be very useful. But practical sessions aren’t for everyone and may not be suitable for a large group. In some cases, a presentation might be more suitable followed by a Q&A session. I also bring in other media professionals, including national newspaper and broadcast journalists, if the need arises.

To give you a flavour of some of my courses, titles include:

  • The Media Landscape: Past, Present and Future
  • The Media is Changing and You Have To Change With It
  • Engaging with the Media
  • How to talk to the Media – print, online, broadcast
  • How to be a Media Spokesperson: practical training
  • What Do Journalists Want and How To Give It To Them
  • Building Media Credibility
  • How to Develop Your Message
  • How to Write an Effective Press Release
  • Opinion Writing – How to get onto the Op-ed pages
  • Guidance on Writing Commentaries and Letters to the Editor
  • Can I Sell Your Message?
  • Media Relations: The Journalist’s Perspective

If necessary, I split the training into print media, online media and broadcast media.

I can also provide help with media strategy (e.g. looking at Forward Planning). This includes writing/examining media proposals, press releases and placed articles. Some clients have found one-to-one sessions to be useful. For example, working with a junior/inexperienced member of staff on writing a press release from scratch.

As a practising journalist, my media training is as up to date as it gets. My background includes business, digital, politics, consumer affairs, transport, general news reporting (crime etc), editing, culture, and the arts. I also carry out corporate writing.

I am very flexible on work patterns and am able to undertake work at short notice and complete it within tight deadlines.